Dearborn's City Charter

Currently the City of Dearborn’s Charter mandates 2.1 police officers per 1000 citizens. The city council allocates funds based on this charter requirement. There are three ways to change the City Charter. We will be pushing for all three simultaneously:

1. Update the City Charter through the Charter Commission

        • Updates to the city’s charter are proposed by the charter commission (a separate elected body), reviewed by the city council, and ultimately passed by voters.

        • In August 2021 there will be a ballot question to identify whether Dearborn's residents want to update the charter.

        • If this measure passes in November 2021 there will be an election for the members of the Charter Commission.

        • It is our goal to mobilize Dearborn citizens in favor of updated the Charter, and elect a critical majority of individuals to the Charter Commission who believe that Black lives matter and in Defunding the Police.

2. Press City Council to put the charter provision to a vote

3. Petition to place the charter provision on the Ballot in an upcoming election cycle

        • The Charter provision can be put to a vote through a petition drive according to Chapter 19, section 19.5 of the Dearborn City Charter in reference to MCL 117.21

        • If 5% of Dearborn's electorate sign a petition, the provision will be placed on a ballot in an upcoming election. If 20% of the electorate a special election can be called.

        • We are currently working to draft language for the petition that will be approved by the City Clerk.

        • It is our goal to recruit and train petition circulators. If you are interested in circulating petitions, please schedule an Intro Meeting with us as we work through the details.