Dearborn Police Data

Understanding policing in our communities requires many sources of data over multiple year timeframes. As we gather and process through data regarding policing in Dearborn. We invite all of our community members to review these datasets, analyze them, and come to their own conclusions. As we conduct our analysis, we will make this information available.

To help our communities understand and sort through this mountain of data, we are hosting a series of Data Townhalls. The recording from the first Data Townhall, hosted November 21st is available on this page.

If you are interested in learning more, please register for an upcoming Data Townhall.

UPDATE: Due to a calculation error, the total cost listed for citations described at 24 minutes should be "$9.6 million was fined to Black people by the Dearborn Police Department. $383 is what WOULD be fined to Black people if fines were commensurate to their representation in Dearborn (4%)"

We continue to compile data from Dearborn's Police Blotter as reported through the Downriver Times Herald.

Data on violent and property crime rates and resolution provided to FBI by Dearborn police. publishes six months crime records with limited data.