Dearborn Police Brutality and Misconduct

We are collecting reports of misconduct and brutality committed by Dearborn Police. We will share all stories and testimonials anonymously unless requested otherwise by the individual sharing the story. Complete the form below to submit your story, or use #DefundDearbornPD to share your experience with Dearborn Police.

News Reports

We are compiling a timeline of reports of Dearborn Police Brutality and Misconduct against members of Dearborn's communities. This list is growing as we learn and find more:

Posted Testimonials

1 star review of Dearborn Police Department from 2019.

"Officer Carriveau tackled me off a moving bicycle to give me a ticket for riding without a headlight on my 20 inch bicycle, he didn't read me my rights, he racist and only harassed me because I'm black, this policeman doesn't deserve a badge and I should file assault and harassment charges"

1 star review of Dearborn Police Department from 2016

"actually their not great in fact 4 times in a week I was harassed ripped out of my car and have all incidents on tape don't be surprised if their response in time slower due to the lawsuit I will be receiving due to their abusive nature and false arrests with no convictions. They're gonna be laying off officers for sure when my family through with them"

1 star review of Dearborn Police Department from 2019

"they pulled my daughter over for driving with no insurance, gave her a ticket she was on her way to work. Waited until she pulled off then 5 minutes later got pulled over again. Then instead of letting her talk. They pulled guns on her and called 3 more cops cars. I feel Dearborn police trafficking units are bullies. plus they did not read her any rights. Dearborn police already got a bad reputation. It needs to stop"