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Understanding the relationship between Dearborn Police and our community means understanding how the community perceives the role of the police.

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Blotter Highlights

Police called for carpooling while Black

Originally published February 2, 2020

Unknown man seen getting into vehicle

Police responded to a house in the 6300 block of Calhoun Jan. 2 after an unknown man was seen getting into a black Dodge Ram pickup truck near the caller’s vehicle.

The caller told officers that on two operate occasions that day an unknown man was standing by his Jeep parked in his driveway. According to the report, the man was described as possibly being of Yemen decent due to his dark skin and Arabic language spoken.

Initially, the caller’s mother noticed the man on the driver’s side of the Jeep several hours before the call was made. Then, the caller’s brother noticed the man standing on the passenger side of the Jeep and asked what he wanted. The man said he was waiting for a ride then ran over to a waiting black Dodge Ram, got in and the vehicle drove away north on Calhoun.

A police officer advised the caller that he was working until 7 a.m. that day and would be on the lookout for the vehicle or unknown man. A check of the area yielded negative results.

Police called to remove woman in pain sitting on church bench

Originally published December 1, 2019

Woman transported to hospital, advised on trespassing

Police responded to First Presbyterian Church, 600 N. Brady St., Nov. 14 where an employee said a woman had been sitting on the bench inside the bathroom since 1 a.m.

The call to police was made just after 7 a.m. after the woman refused to leave after being asked to leave several times by employees. According to the report, police spoke with the woman who said she had pain in her lower back and thigh area that was making it difficult for her to stand on her feet. She also said her energy was spiritually drained.

Dearborn emergency responders were called to the church and transported the woman to Beaumont Hospital-Dearborn. She was advised on trespassing at the church by police.

Police called for a Black man knocking on door

Originally published March 17, 2019

Suspicious person reported to police

A resident living at a house on Waynewood Court called police about 3:30 p.m. Feb. 22 saying a suspicious man was knocking on her door.

She told dispatch that it was the same man who had knocked earlier, and that he continued to knock on the door and ring the doorbell before knocking on the window. The resident also told dispatch the man was black and wearing a black jacket, and that she had four children inside the house.

Once on the scene, the officer saw a black male standing on the front lawn. The officer identified the man who said he met a girl on a dating app who sent him the address to meet up.

According to the report, the man showed the officer text messages between a woman and him, and also confirmed that the house was where they were supposed to meet.

The resident denied contacting anyone on the app and said none of her children know who the man is. Police advised the man to leave the area and never return to that address, to which he said he understood before leaving the area.

Police called for lifting car door handle

Originally published May 19, 2019

Possible vehicle larceny reported by employee

Police responded to Little Caesars, 3853 Monroe, April 22 after an employee reported that two unknown people lifted a car door handle in the parking lot.

The employee said that the pair did not enter the vehicle because it was locked. She also said they earlier made a mess in the store and argued with her over the mess.

She told police the two left westbound on Dartmouth after lifting the door handle, and that a third person with the pair left eastbound on Dartmouth but did not lift car door handles.

Police made contract with the third person who said he and the two others argued with the employee about making a mess in the store. He added that one of the two lifted the handle on the vehicle believing it was his because he drives a white sedan, which was parked nearby in the same parking lot.

The third person told police that when the man realized it wasn’t his vehicle he located his and left with the other person.

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