Goals for Abolishing Dearborn Police

Our goals align with the 8 to Abolition Framework

The history of Dearborn is rooted in racism and white supremacy. Mayor Hubbard, an openly racist segregationist, called on Dearborn Police to keep Black people out of Dearborn. Dearborn has upheld his legacy and utilized the police to target and harass Black people. We must defend our Black neighbors and visitors. The first part of this means dismantling the very institutions that have systematically targeted, harassed, and murdered Black people.

We are currently working towards step 0 and step 1 simultaneously. We see great value in keeping up sustained community pressure on our City Council representatives to accomplish our goals.

Step 0 (Unique to Dearborn because of our legislative context): Make it legal to defund the police

Step 1: Defund the Police

Step 2: Demilitarize our Community

Step 3: Remove Police from Schools

Step 4: Free People from Jails and Prisons

Step 5: Repeal Laws that Criminalize Survival

Step 6: Invest in Community Self-Governance

Step 7: Provide Safe Housing for Everyone

Step 8: Invest in Care, not Cops

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