Demand Police Alternatives

In our analysis of the Dearborn Police Department's calls to service data, we identified that many roles that have been assigned to the police that could be better handled by other agencies. We have begun to compile resources of who to contact instead of the police, and demand meaningful investment in non-police responders.

Baltimore Police Lt Colonel Melvin Russell explains the problem of over-reliance on police to solve social problems:

"We have put too much responsibility on law enforcement. Too much.

And then we have the audacity and the nerve to get upset with law enforcement when we take action. There is no way in the world that we, as a community, should be calling the police for kids playing ball in the street. No way in the world that we should be calling the police because my neighbor's music is up too loud, because his dog came over to my yard and did a number two; there's no way we should be calling the police. But we have surrendered so much of our responsibility."

Use the form below to contact Dearborn City Council members and express your concerns about the importance of finding police alternatives, your concerns about the lack of non-police resources in our communities, and the necessity of holding police accountable for the harm they cause.

This form will help you create and send a message to send to Dearborn City Officials.