Accountability for Dearborn

Join us June 5th at 5 pm our second City Charter Study Session series. Register to attend online.

This year Dearborn has an opportunity to update our City Charter. This opportunity is presented once every 15 years. At City Charter study sessions we learn about the role of the city charter in our city's governance, and collectively imagine a foundation for an antiracist Dearborn.

Discover the work we are doing, and ways you can plug in to make change in Dearborn.

We are creating a resource of non-police responders that can be contacted in times of crisis.

Discover data on Dearborn policing calls to service, citations, and arrests contextualized with historic and scholarly research.

Learn about the ways our city's charter, spending priorities, and city officials all uphold racist policing in Dearborn.

Racism defines policing In Dearborn. It's time for change. We demand transparency, accountability, and divestment from Dearborn police.