Message Your City Councilors

Your voice matters, and your City Councilors need to hear from you. Here are some tips for writing an impactful message to your City Councilors. When you are ready to share your statement, simply visit the this page to send your message to all City Councilors. To select specific individuals, please visit these listing of City Council members.

What to Include in Your Email

  • Provide your name, and relationship to Dearborn. Good afternoon! My name is Janet Doe. I live and work in the City of Dearborn.

  • Explain why you are reaching out. I am writing today to urge you to reduce funding levels for the Dearborn Police Department.

  • Describe why this is important to you. I am concerned that Dearborn Police receive the largest portion of the city's budget. I believe that well funded libraries and recreation programs are necessary for a community to thrive.

  • Include personal experiences. My family has experienced harassment from the Dearborn police on the following occasions...

  • Describe your vision for Dearborn. I want to live in a Dearborn with adequately funded libraries and community services that meet residents' needs. I do not want to live in a Dearborn with a highly militarized police force that targets Black individuals and families.

Tips for an Impactful Statement

  • Be clear and focused in your requests. Check out our demands for the city to spark some ideas.

  • Focus on the issues present in Dearborn. Our City Councilors believe that Dearborn's Police Department is the exception to national trends. Visit the Scholarly Research page to discover ways that national trends connect to policing in Dearborn.

  • Dearborn's level of policing is set by the City's Charter. The City Council has mechanisms that they can employ to change the charter and can have a direct impact on how it is implemented.

  • Review the historic background and legislative reality in Dearborn to bolster the relevance of your statement.