Council Member David Bazzy

Campaign Contributions from Police Unions: $350

  • Committee to Elect David Bazzy accepted $350 from Dearborn Police Officers' Legislative Fund

Communications with Accountability for Dearborn

Accountability for Dearborn reached out to Council Member Bazzy on July 22nd, and received a response from Council Member Bazzy that same day. Communication has continued with Council Member Bazzy, who has expressed his support for the Police and his objection to attempts to change the city's charter through Council action. We are still awaiting a meeting to be scheduled with Mr. Bazzy.

Communications with Council Member Bazzy

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Communications with Council Member Bazzy

Articles and Press Covering Council Member Bazzy

  • Council Member Bazzy was involved mailing anonymous negative letters which accused former Council President Tafelski of underpaying property taxes. The claims were not substantiated. Bazzy initially denied involvement with the letters, but later disclosed that he had instructed his secretary to send them.

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