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Read the Guides to Anti-Racism and Abolition

Accountability for Dearborn's Guide to Abolition and Guide to Anti-Racism are resources for everyone who is curious about anti-racism and carceral abolition, who needs help approaching these conversations, who isn't sure what kinds of policies to advocate for, or who is looking for additional resources to learn more.

This resource contains:

  • Introduction to abolition and anti-racism

  • Modeled dialogues, addressing common questions about abolition and anti-racism.

  • Guide to policy change.

  • Reflection exercises.

  • Additional resources.

Illustrations for this book are created in partnership with For the Binat and the Handala Coalition.

Update: the Guide to Abolition contains an adaptation of Mariam Kaba's article "Police Reforms You Should Always Oppose". Since the publication of this article, and the compilation of the booklet, the recommendations of establishing civilian oversight and requiring cops to carry personal liability insurance have been revisited, and are no longer considered appropriate reforms.

Discover the work we are doing, and ways you can plug in to make change in Dearborn.

We are creating a resource of non-police responders that can be contacted in times of crisis.

Discover data on Dearborn policing calls to service, citations, and arrests contextualized with historic and scholarly research.

Learn about the ways our city's charter, spending priorities, and city officials all uphold racist policing in Dearborn.

Racism defines policing In Dearborn. It's time for change. We demand transparency, accountability, and divestment from Dearborn police.