Accountability for Dearborn

Our mission is to hold the city of Dearborn accountable for eliminating institutional racism by identifying policies, ordinances, and procedures that result in racial disparities; and replacing those mechanisms with anti-racist ones.

Racism defines policing In Dearborn. It's time for change. We demand transparency, accountability, and divestment from Dearborn police.

Join us for our Data Townhall on February 20, 2021 to learn how city data sheds a massive light on racist behavior and policy in the city. Register now!

Dearborn Police Data

In response to sustained public pressure, following months of delay, Dearborn Police fulfilled a Freedom of Information Act request for all data on calls to service, citations, and arrests. Access the data and view our key findings at each page:

We have sought additional information to contextualize these data and support our policy recommendations. Learn more about our data collection and research here.

As we unpack the data, we are hosting a series of Data Townhalls to empower our communities with the information they need to understand the data for themselves. These Data Townhalls are scheduled for:

To attend an upcoming townhall, please register here.

This press release is in response to an article published in the Downriver Sunday Times "Dearborn Council struggles to balance free speech vs. meetings prolonged by protestor comments"

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