The Historic Context of Policing in Dearborn

We are seeking to understand the full historic context of racism and policing in Dearborn. This information should not be considered comprehensive, but may serve as a jumping off point for further investigation.

Racism in Dearborn Overview

  • Police in Dearborn are operating in ways that have been sanctioned by Dearborn officials:

    • In 2011, Dearborn City Council voted down a proposal to create a ballot measure that would have asked residents to vote on removing the minimum staffing provision from the City's Charter. This decision resulted in increased taxes and reduced community services.

  • Racism is embedded in the culture of Dearborn Police. Dearborn’s police officers have spoken out against:

    • Policies that reduced use of TASERs

    • Accepting new officers of MENA (Middle Eastern or North African) descent

    • The arraignment of the officers who killed Kevin Matthews and Janet Wilson by Detroit Police

    • The decision of the Police Chief not to arrest or investigate Black Lives Matter protesters