Our Initiatives

Our mission is to hold the city of Dearborn accountable for eliminating institutional racism by identifying policies, ordinances, and procedures that result in racial disparities; and replacing those mechanisms with anti-racist ones.

Our Current Initiatives

Decolonizing Our Anti-racism Work

Accountability for Dearborn benefits from the academic, intellectual, and spiritual labor of the Black Indigenous, and People of Color Activists whose work provides a foundation for our efforts. As we pursue our advocacy, we also work to deepen it. We will continue to share the resources we have learned from, and invite you to join us in our journey to decolonize our anti-racism work.

Transparency and Accountability in Our Work

While we demand transparency from Dearborn's governing bodies, we demand the same from ourselves. We invite you to stay informed about our operations and initiatives.

We have made available all communications between City Officials and Accountability for Dearborn.